How do I import a large Minecraft Obj.

I have Mineways and want to import a large (1200 MB, 12 million vertex) Obj, but it will crash of course. I’ve tried breaking it up into 4 smaller Objs, still too massive. How do people do these large renders for thumbnails of their Minecraft maps?

Also, assuming I can import it and open edit mode without my PC freezing, how would I make it a shell (just a top layer of blocks to lessen vertice)?

I also have MCedit if that could be of any help here.

12 mil verts means atleast 12gb ram it needs to work with. sometimes alot more even for things like modifiers.

simply put, you need a big computer.

I have 16 gigs of ram :confused:
And I plan on removing as many as possible after importing or hopefully before

try older versions of blender. the obj importer has gotten needlessly complex recently. i think i use a modified version from 2.72?