How do I import an animation made in Poser to Blender 2.93?

I am new to Blender and am usually pretty resourceful when it comes to figuring stuff out, but this one has me stumped. I created a simple figure animation in Poser 11 and exported it to 300 .obj files. I want to bring the entire animation into Blender so I can add particles, lights, special materials, etc. But it just does not seem to work. Is there an obvious way to do this that has just eluded this newbie?

Export your animation to a single fbx file.
You don’t have to export to multiple 3D files, just a single file will contain the mesh and animations :smiley:

OK, I gave that a try and got a monstrosity imported into Blender - which I suppose is progress - but not what I want. I am not sure how to tweak the import to fix the problem. Any suggestions where to start? For one thing, I want to replace the materials of the figure in Blender so I don’t need the materials from Poser. In fact, I would rather treat the entire figure with one material instead of having to change all the body parts individually. I really just want the mesh and the animation.

This is the Poser figure I am trying to export.

And here is the result of importing the FBX file into Bender.

Not even sure where to begin here.

Try these settings on the FBX import…

Uncheck Pre Post Rotation…and Select > force connect children and Auto Bone Rotation
You could also de-select Image search and it won’t load the materials, though they will remain assigned from the mesh data…

Incredible. That worked! I only had to uncheck Force Connect Children and the animation imported perfectly. Thank you so much.

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I never understand why “Automatic Bone Orientation” is not checked by default.