How do I import/change fonts into blener

I got some work that needs times new roman font and i wondered how to import fonts and how to change them in blender to make it 3d.

Scroll down to “Changing Fonts”.

Thanks for the help… But I can’t find the fonts. I am currently running Ubuntu 7.10 64 bit and the fonts are not where the manual said it would be… Is there another common place where the fonts could reside? Or, is it a smart way to find out where the fonts are hiding?

If it’s a linux derivitve scour /usr/share and /usr/share/local (is it local? is it /usr/local/share? it’s been a while), and possibly and /x11 -related subtrees.

My fiancee also suggests /usr/lib/fonts and such.

thanks star weaver! wiki updated.Happy Turkey day.

Thanks a lot for your help… I found what I looked for… But the fonts wasn’t named as times new roman… it was lots of number and stuff. So I had to load a whole lot of fonts before I found what I was after.

What I wish for in blender is that all fonts on your machine would be ready awaliable right from the start.

Is there perhaps an X fontserver query tool or something that would let you go through your general fontlist and give you filenames to then load?

I loaded the fonts from user/share/fonts/x11/type1… Had to look a bit around… but it worked. :slight_smile: Newer heard about X fontserver query tool before… But then again I am pretty new in linux.

Eh, I haven’t heard of it either … I don’t even know if it exists. I was mainly wondering if font picking dialogs in X showed you the filename ever, and if not, someone should make a program that shows you that dialog and then spits out the filename of the font you selected. Like WHICH for fonts :slight_smile:

it shows file name… but not as times new roman or comic sans serif. It is like with numbers. What i get is as an example c0632bt.pfb or .afm derviates.