How do I increase polygon count in blender?

I want to have a higher vert-count for sculpting in blender. I’ve heard of people who are able to get up to 10 million polys, and that sounds unbelievable, as my own rig is unable to go above 1 million. Do these people –

*Use unbelievable strong rigs?
*Have plugins or rendering tools at their disposal that I don’t know about?
*Follow steps before they sculpt?

It’d be great to know what you guys do for this problem!

In the modifiers section you add a modifier “multiresolution” - think thats it…

It allows you to increase the subdivides for sculpting.

Some excellent sculpting tutorials on BlenderCookie

I’m no expert at sculpting, but I think multires modifier is what your looking for?

Tip: High Poly Sclupting

First off, ‘ctrl+alt+u’ to bring up user preferences.
Under the ‘System’ settings make sure ‘VBOs’ is enabled.

Now start with the default cube.
In ‘Object Mode’ with cube selected hit ‘ctrl +1’ to apply one level of subdivision surface modifier.
'Alt + C ’ and select second option ( Mesh from Curve/Surf/…) to collapse the modifier.

Apply a Multiresoution’ modifier.
In the 'Mutiresolution modifier panel click the ‘subdivide’ button once while still in object mode.

!! Important : In ‘Object Data’ tab, make sure ‘Double Sided’ is off.

Switch to ‘Sculpt Mode’ and press ‘Subdivide’ in the Multiresolution modifier panel until noticeable lag occurs.

Stay in solid view
Do not use textures
Do not use the ‘matcap’ method
Do not use ‘texture solid’

At 6 million (9 subdivisions) I can still sculpt in realtime.
25 million (10 subdivisions) is useable -barely- with noticeable lag.
Anything higher and my entire system craps out.

The more ram you have the higher you’ll be able to go. I have 4 gigs. Video card memory and CPU don’t appear to be major factors.

aomeoni has pretty much nailed what your after there i reckon. A great straight to the point effective response. BOOM!

Good to know, thanks!