how do I influence dupli-object-specific values through drivers or particle age?

I have particles flying towards the center. I want the falloff distance (the dupli-object is a point light) to increase the closer the particles get to the center.

I first tried this with a distance driver on the original point light, which works very vell for the the original object. however the driver is not calculated for the particles.

Then I stumbeled upon (i’m still new to blender) the color ramp which is able to influence particle-specific values like lifetime, size, density, etc, but not values of the original object like in my case the falloff distance.

Any ideas how I would achieve my goal here? thanks in advance.

Just logically I would have tried to create a constraint between the falloff-distance-value and coordinate-values between the object and an object in 0/0/0. Why is it not possible to link any propreties together?

hey thanks a lot, i’ll look into it.