how do i insert blueprints?

I’ve done very basic creations of tables etc in Blender…but now i do have a real project to start working on.

Im wanting to model a complete car, and ive got 3 months to do it so i think i have enough time. First things first, I have found tutorials on how to model the car etc, thats fine…just cant find how i add the blueprints of the car into Blender. Im using Blender 2.36 on Linux (Fedora Core 3)

I am grateful for any help.

Go to the View menu, which is usually found just above the editbuttons at the bottom of the 3D view. Then select “Background Image…”. Click the “Use Background Image” button, then click the open folder icon next to “Image”.

You can split the 3D view and add other backgrounds to different views if you want as well.

If the image does not appear keep in mind that you need to be in either top, side, or front view.

It’s pretty straightforward - hope that helps.

cheers…and i seriously do not know how i missed that!! I can only blame it on me being tired :smiley: