How do I install OpenXR?

Ive been trying to figure out how to get VR working in Blender 2.83.2. In the details on this page it does not tell me much. Ive followed the instructions given but when I go into Blender I get an error message: “Failed to Query OpenXR runtime. Do you have an active runtime set up?” So I clearly do not have OpenXR installed for my Rift S. Information on it seems to be limited. It does direct me to Github, but I can only find the source code there not something I can execute. I have no idea how to use the source code.
So where do I get the runtime and how do I install it?

Do you have Steam installed? It worked for me without any additional software, I only have the Oculus software and Steam VR installed.

Hm, the manual even says that the Oculus software should be enough. Are you running Blender using the blender_oculus file?

Thanks for the response. Yes I have both the oculus and steamvr installed, and yes I was trying to run it from blender_oculus file. Only thing can think of at this point is that I need steam switched on as well as the oculus software.

Finally solved the issue. Instead of just clicking and going when using the blender_oculus file, I decided to read all the text in the command window. It then dawned on me that it was pointing to a file location that did not exist. I don’t install software to default locations if I can help it. So I adjusted the .json file with the correct location and all now works.

Brother! Do you mind telling us mere mortals just how to do that?

Whats the Blender_oculus file? What .json file are we talking about? And what do we want it to point to? :pray:

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Have you fixed it ? You need to go to your Oculus sofeware on PC then Settings - General and you will find the OpenXR setting s