how do i install plugins?

i have installed python 2.3 and blender 2.33a and have also properly set the environment variables as outlined in the forum here

i have downloaded many plugins, but i dont know where to put the scripts - do they go in the .blender/scripts folder?

i’m unable to import 3ds, wings or lightwave models but i can open dxf models - i was really hopeing i could get “scorpious’s” plugins to work because i prefer to model in wings, but no luck so far

i searched the knowledge base and looked in the manual - havn’t seen any references on how to install plugins

i’d really like some help with this

thanks much

Plugins and scripts are two separate things.

I assume you are talking of scripts :slight_smile:

You can place them wherever you want, then turn one of thw windows to a text window, select ‘open’ the window turns into a file window and you browse your tree seeking for the script.

Once loaded the source appears in the text window ALT-P runs the script


It is on the manual, BTW

if your using xp the file folder is hidden you have to unhide it, I’m not sure on 2K,Me or 98 but on xp it’s on your Documends and Settings>user profile> Application Data >Bender Fondation >Blender>.Blender>scripts.

It took me a little while to figure that out :expressionless: .

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

thanks for the help

i’m using win 2000 pro and i have put some scripts/plugins into the Bender Fondation >Blender>.Blender>scripts folder - its hard to tell scripts from plugins, many import-exprt plugins are in script format, only a few have DLL’s bundled with them and none of them have any explaination on where to put their cointents

the feature that i am most anxious to have is the ability to import different models into blender and they all come as “scripts” - i take it that i have to load and execute these scripts? once loaded are they a permenant part of blender or should they reside in blenders scripts folder? should plugins that also have DLL’s with them be put there too?

i have set my preferences to point to a folder for textures but i am not sure where i should point to for “python scripts” - should that be C: > Python23 > Lib? or maybe a folder in “my documents”? what about texture plugins and sequence plugins? where should they be? (i don’t even know what a sequence plugin is!)

anyway - thanks for all the help


A kind of Script-Manager in Blender would be cool. With Possibilities to create Folders and Sub-Folders to store the Scrips in. Like the Favorite Management in WebBrowsers.

like Lightwave, where you can scan a directory and automatically load scripts and plugins - failing that, there really ought to some info in the manual on managing scripts

ok - i’ve been having some success - i didn’t understand that you have to run a script each and every time you want to import something - so far i have been able to import .lwo and .cob models but not .wings into blender using Anthony D’agnostinos’s import scripts