How do I install UPBGE on Ubuntu?

It’s not very clear from the UPBGE website, so I figured I would ask for some help here…

So once you download the linux version of UPBGE, theres an executable in there called Blender. You can double click it or run from terminal with ./blender . You can also take the .dekstop file and put it in /usr/share/applications to be ran from the start menu

There’s a bunch of versions. Which one should I use?

Also, it seems like the latest build available for linux is pretty old… Maybe I’m looking in the wrong place?

If you don’t build blender, i’d advise to use 0.2.3 (as some annoying bugs were found after 0.2.4 release).
For python API, I think we need to go to upbge website because the web link is not updated in the code.
(Else, it is normal that it is old, because upbge 2.7 development stopped a while ago)

You need to check in the Experimental folder and not the Linux folder. The Linux build you want are in there. Don’t worry though. Theyre stable.

I still can’t download it? I click Linux64 and download it but I don’t know how to do the rest can someone help me?

Enter in Mega shared folder and download UPBGE0.2.5b2.79Linux64.tar.xz
After, uncompress the archive (in a console the command would be: tar -xf UPBGEv0.2.5b2.79Linux64.tar.xz).
After enter in the directory created and execute blender (in a console would be: cd UPBGEv0.2.5b2.79Linux64; ./blender)