How do i instant force stop an object?

I am using force to move my cube.
I am spawning using owner.worldPosition and owner.worldOrientation.

When i spawn at some location, the cube still has some force left, which i want removed. (the cube continues to move after the spawn)
The cube has the multiplayer add on properties, so i can’t destroy it and recreate it.

Been trying all day to solve it, so need a bit of help now.

Edit: The stop doesnt have to be instant, but within 2-3 seconds.
I know the answer could be somewhere in the and script, since it got powerfull brakes. So if anyone know those scripts well, maybe they could help.

Edit: I might have found a solution i’ll test further later on - i could just move/spawn my cube into a closed tight room, so it runs into a wall. Except if i deceide to have collision damage on…

Fixed: Found out how to use Servo Control. Duh…