How Do I into texture?

Okay, so I know you unwrap the mesh and paint the uv map but is that all there is? the tutorials I find are all on creating the UV, but what if I’m shit at painting?

I almost never paint in Blender. I create my UVmap then export it to a PNG and import it into Photoshop (Gimp or any paint program with layers will work fine) I paint it as needed, save a new file and use that as a texture.

The times I do paint in blender I follow these steps:

  1. Unwrap
  2. In the UV.Image editor window add a new image (keep the size multiples of 2 (1024, 2048, 512, etc…)
  3. In the 3d view window change it to “texture paint”. Also in the uv/image window change “view” to “paint”
  4. Now you can paint in either window.
  5. SAVE the image in the UV/Image window and use the saved image as your texture.

Last, if the problem is that you can do all this, but you just suck at painting, then I can not help you.

In start , every one suck. So dont let this stop you from trying out texturing by yourself.

Use photographs to help you create your texture maps. Example, a photo of a wall, then a photo of dirt. Play with the blend modes and see the results. Erase and clone parts. In no time you have your texture map.

Also, just so we are certain, you will need to use the ‘save image as’ function from the UV Image editor before you can paint to make sure the linking is correct. In the past, I have found that merely saving the image once didn’t work, I had to go back and secure the file location. This actually helps if you decide you would like to modify from an existing texture and create another.