How do I join multiple parented bones without changing their meshes?

I have a drone model with separate parts. For example, the propeller and the rudder are two separate meshes. I have parented each to individual bones in hope of later joining them into one armature. Unfortunately, when I select all of the bones and hit Ctrl+J, the bones join, but the meshes change position and/or rotation. How do I join the bones into one armature and keep the transformation on the meshes? The reason I want them into one armature is because I plan on putting the drone into BGE.
I’ve attached my .blend file.
Drone_rigged.blend (1.84 MB)

You have to apply the location, rotation, and scale of the armature first. Opening up the file, hitting ctrl A and selecting position, then repeating and selecting rotation and scale, then hitting ctrl J did the trick. For future reference, you usually want to apply location, rotation, and scale to both the mesh and the armature before doing any skinning.

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