How do I keep backdrop reflections but remove the backdrop in the render?

Hey guys,
I have a product visualisation of a scooter that is on a white backdrop. The backdrop is casting some nice reflections on the scooter, which I would like to keep. However, i need to deliver the client the scooter without a background (transparent)…

Im not very good with compositing, but is there a way (with cryptomatte? ) to render evertyhing out WITH the background (and thus the reflections)… and then remove the background in the compositor? (so i keep the reflections but loose the backdrop)

I apoligize for not showing what I mean, but I signed a NDA so I can’t show anything

You can put the backdrop into a collection and make that collection Indirect Only. That only works in Cycles.

Thank you for your reply @lehuan5062
Your solution works perfectly!
I also found that I can set the backrop to ‘shadowcatcher’ visibility, and then I get the same effect, but its also including the shadows on the floor as well. Which is even more usefull to me…

So I have two solutions…thank you again!

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