How do i learn best?

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Well, you asked that 20 days ago. Nothing happened?

here is my 5 step program:

  • pick a thing you want to do
  • get your feet wet and try to do some part of it until you run into issues / problems
  • research how to solve the problem your running into
  • once your solution works, keep going until you hit your next issue
  • repeat until you have done the thing you set out to do

Congratulations, you have learnt how to do a thing. You learnt to solve problems yourself, and you likely learnt more then just following tutorials word for word.

yes i asked this 20 days ago but I wrote wrong sry

Had you written right:

The sad answer is back to the roots. Take anything to learn about, figure the most rudiment
information from where all of the matter began. Lets say evolution, that would perhaps go to
something like lightning and water, electricity, chemistry, biology and electromagnetism.

That’s something I think I have learned, I think, but never done in absolutes.
There is a problem though in all that, It easely leads into different path that is actually the same path. But , because we live in eternal and (what is this word, that is not here ?), we cannot actually learn anything. Where is my coffee, I am still trying to wake up