How do I link/append an armture?

I’ve created an 2d character including armature and bones in a separate .blend file and I would like to use this character in my main .blend file.

When I try to append the character .blend I seem to have the following options :

  • Select all the individual objects then import
  • Select the group containing all the objects and the armature
  • Import the entire scene
  • Import my armature only

My character is a group of individual objects (e.g lower arm, upper arm, head, etc) linked to bones. Manipulating the bones in my character.blend file seems to work fine.

I don’t understand how to work with any of these.

  • If I select the individual objects then blender forgots all my bones and I can’t use the armture at all.

  • If I select the group I can’t seem to acces “pose” mode.

  • If I select the scene I can do everything I want but I end up with 2 different scenes in the Outliner and no way to transfer objects between the scenes.

Could anyone tell me how I should import this character while keeping the bone structure and the relations intact? I can find a lot of information about armatures or appending but not about the combination.

You can link objects to other scenes with Ctrl+L

You need to link the entire group (with the armature included) and then select the linked character and Make Proxy (CTRL+ALT+P) and choose the armature. This will create an independent instance of the armature for the scene for you to pose the character with.