How do I load sections of the world map (rooms) through doors seamlessly?

So I’m working on a game in blender similar to Metroid Prime. I’m struggling with how to handle loading parts of the world. The way it works in the Metroid Prime series is:

  1. Shoot the door to open it.

  2. The section of the map behind said door loads before opening up.

  3. The door opens and you walk into the next room. After a few seconds the door closes and unloads the room you were previously in.

As of right now I’m thinking that I can make each section on a different viewing layer and add them to an empty via “collision” sensor and “edit object” actuator. However, I feel like this would be the wrong way of going about doing this. I do not understand Python script/ coding at all, I do understand the majority of the logic bricks. With that said, if there is a way to accomplish loading levels in a similar manner to Metroid Prime, please let me know. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Here is a visual representation using an out of bounds glitch, the specific time frame that shows the loading process is 27:36 - 27:41.

libload to load other blends (with sections of the levels)
libfree to free the blend(s).

Python is a must for this, bricks can’t load.

Okay, I guess I’ll start studying up on Python.
Thanks for the assistance.

It’s the best way, that being sad you could do it without.

sections of the levels on hidden layers, group it. then when door is destroyed add the group on the right place (or use an empty on the right spot to let it add the group).

But if you want real loading, meaning freeing resources then python is the only way.

So if I learn more about Python, I can use it to accomplish this task easier and with a better finished product? If this is the case, I think I will attempt the method using Python first. If I have too much trouble I might fall back on summoning groups from hidden layers with empty objects.

I think one of the biggest reasons I’m still considering my options is because I’m doing this alone for a class project which means I have a deadline a couple months from now. My project will probably not be anything in comparison to Metroid Prime. but I am trying my hardest, thanks again :smile:, everything helps.

well it depends on what you cal easier, for 1 bricks is easier then python, for the other python is the shit to have. I am one that prefers python over bricks any day.

Better product: absolutely, python gives you a lot more freedom in doing things. For example you can still do it with empties/groups and load in the blends(sections). So it is kinda the same but because you are really loading the sections you only spend resources on the area you are in, you unload(libfree) when out of range/sight making resources availible again to be used in the area you are. This means you get better performance and more control over it.

How you going to tackle this is totally up to you. Brick or python or even a combination of both. But if you want my suggestion, learn BGE python, it’s not hard and you going to love it. Complex games simply can’t be made without python, that’s a fact.

more then enough time, leave your project alone, go learn/follow tutorials for python in the bge (mostly in the direction you want use(libload/libfree)) and within a week you script your own stuff (ofc. depends on how eager/fast you are/can learn).