How do i make a 7 sided spiral path?

So its a heptagonal path, 7 sides, but its a spiral path moving from the ground to the top. each part of the 7 sides rises up a bit.

This would be 2 of the 7 sides.

i tried using the screw modifier but couldnt get to work to make 7 sides.

to be clear, im ONLY looking for the walking part, not the truss or railings or anything else.


Make a spiral. Turns = 3 Steps = 21 (=7 verts per turn).

Then extrude in place.

Scale in X axis, then again in Y axis.

You should end up with this.

Hope that helps.

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did you start with a vertex or an edge?

Sorry too quick that was wrong. Rotate 3, verts 7

This is what I started with, then deleted that extrude and did the rest manually.

There is a spiral curve addon in Blender if you dont want to touch geonodes.

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Hi @BaidDSB,

by far the fastest method, if you’re on Windows, is to download blenderr 3.4 alpha as it contains a specific Geometry node ( Set Curve Normal ) that allows setting the walkway to be ‘flat’ :

You can do this , sort of, in b3.3 but it requires collapsing the geonodes first. If this is not an issue I’m happy to post the process.



im still on 3.2

No problem, this is the more ‘crude method’ ( you’ll have to build the geometry nodes then Apply it ):

The two spirals are only different in their radii, so they are effectively parallel laterally.

Make a copy of this ‘mesh’ and collapse the modifier. On this one, in EDIT mode:

the result is:

you can make the geonodes more interactive by piping the inputs to the modifier stack if you like.

like so:


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thanks. the only part i didnt understand is the need to copy the mesh. why copy and just not apply with realize instances?

haha, I guess that does seem odd . . .

as it’s a destructive work-flow I assumed you’d probably want to tweak things, if you collapse the geo nodes without making a copy you’ll have to re-build the entire node tree, especially if you save the file without flagging the Geonodes with ‘fake’ user.


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last question. how do i add more spirals to the height? not the height value becuase it just raises the spirals.

i want to add more spirals

more rotations.


thanks. this worked!

You can have same effect with by creating normal from position


Much better :smile:

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I was trying to remember how to do exactly that thanks!

I forget so many methods, that I know Ive used and learned before, agghhhhhhh!

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for some reason it doesnt seem flat like the one i posted. the paths are actually flat to the ground

make sure offset scale is 0

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Here is how I did it with the screw modifier.

heptagonal path.blend (509.5 KB)

Make sure to set both Steps Viewport and Render to 1 to get the desired result.

for some reason i could only make @DamianJ 's method work in my project.

but it worked so thanks guys!

Do you not think that may have been a good idea to mention that a lot earlier?

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