how do i make a blender game use files from local directory

What i want is,i make a blender game that uses sounds and textures,but in blender it stores the path to those files,if i make an arhcive of the folder and give it to someone else,unless he extracts in the same spot as where i worked on the game,the sounds and textures will not be found by the exe,how do i make so that the game takes resources from it’s folder?

you can try this setup ( more or less like the YoFrankie one)
Create a directory with the name of your game somewhere in your HD!
Then, inside add other directories to stock images, sounds, etc. ( name them Images, Sounds and so on).
You can save your main game file in the main directory for example.
Now, the important thing is to use/check the “relative path” when loading your assets ( images, sounds, etc.)
Place your game textures in the “YourGame/Textures” directory
In Blender, when you load an “image texture” ( in Texture buttons), verify that the path to the image is like this:
The // means that a “relative path” is used
No need to “pack” the file, instead you can “compress” the “My_Game” directory and distribute it!
Is this clear?

well by packing i did reffer to ziping

thanks a lot anyway