How do I make a camera track to a mesh that is on a curve modifier?

I want the camera to follow behind the roller coaster in first person view.

Problem is when I parent Camera to mesh the keyframe is only set to a Y axis straight line frame 0-250 so the camera goes in a straight y axis ,not following the roller coaster mesh. I tried parenting the curve to mesh< Follow path but the roller coater just doesn’t go smoothy around the curve and does not move right. I tried parenting the curve to the camera< Follow path which makes the camera move faster than the roller coaster.

Here is the file if you want to take a crack at it, I didn’t make this btw. This is for a similar project with a theme park ride.

Parent the camera to vertex (triangle). This gives the right angle. The only problem is that the “Mesh” is being deformed by the curve, giving really bad jitter.