How do I make a cape "flow" for a game? (realtime

Hey, I’m still a little bit of a n00b but I was wondering if any of you guys had an idea as to how I would make a cape or a trenchcoat in blender that flows as my character moves in the game engine… I realize it will probably be very taxing on my cpu but I would like to try.


you do it with a bunch of bones deforming the cloth, and you animate them

[as in, there is no just python script to do it]

[or you use slow parents and bones copy location/rotation of empties, then bake the animation. I can’t seem to find the tutorial on how to do that right now]

do you think it would be too slow if I tried to use it in the realtime settings? do bones allow you to apply dynamics to them??

yeah they do…I just noticed…man I need to find a tutorial.

I’m trying to make a fps in blender and I have a lot of ideas but not enough tutorials.

you can only make the whole armature [all of the bones] dynamic

and you cannot in the game engine make an armature a child of a bone [or anything the child of a bone for that matter].

so, that is not an option, you will have to animate it

how you choose to animate it is your decision somewhat.

I seem to remember that in gameblender you could rotate bones [even before the armature api was in the rest of blender], but the api for that escapes me at the moment.

yeah…I got the bones to go dynamic but I forgot to exit edit mode before adding more… they all became one object when I was finished. I thought about parenting bones to nurbs surfaces and then joining the surfaces together but I haven’t tried that yet…probably won’t work now that I think about it.

thanks for the help!