How do I make a catapult?

Hey, what I am wondering is how to make a catapult, like I want the ball to track to an “empty” object and hit where its at everytime, the empty will move around the field and I want th ball to hit as it moves, but the prblem I am having is I want the ball to lob high into the air and then come down, but when I do this it just flies away, so could someone explain from like top to bottom how I can make a good catapult? Thanks for any help you may be able to give.
The Inferno

Alright, I’m not sure how you made your catapult, but I just made mine of two parts: the base and the arm.
The base doesn’t do anything, but the arm rotates up to a certain point when I hold the space bar. The spacebar also triggers a delay. This delay later then tells an empty, rotated to a certain angle and located in a certain spot, to create an always moving “rock” which has its own delay. When that delay goes off, the rock changes states so as to both track to the enemy and continue moving, thus eventually hitting the enemy. All that gives you something like this:


example.blend (147 KB)

Mine does almost the same thing as im8act except that I use and ipo. By the way I like how you used tracking in your rock. That I would not have thought of. :smiley:

example (2).blend (147 KB)

Nice. Heat seeking rocks. :smiley:

Wow, it looks cool, but what does the state thing do? I don’t understand very well how you did it. :\ sorry I am a little stupid at this yet.

Look at the “rock.”
Notice the little blue squares above the AND controllers? These are the states.
Also notice how there are little dots inside these little squares? These represent the active states. Now click on the second dot; see how the the controllers for the delay and always sensors go away? This is effectively what the state actuator does…
Now look at the state actuator; notice how the second square is selected? This corresponds to the second state. When the delay sensor goes off, the state actuator makes the second state the active state.
You can add different sensors and actuators to different states by changing the little number in the controllers… :wink:

Nice. Heat seeking rocks.
Exactly! :smiley:

@Sunjay03: Yours moves a lot more fluidly thanks to the ipo… I should probably learn to use them…

Brilliant! I never really noticed the state system before XD It’s kinda cool .P XD As time goes by you’ll be able to make more realistic catapults, and those my friend, are truly awesome .D

SWEET, that will help me do tons of stuff that I have not been able to be in the past, thanks guys :slight_smile: