How do I make a character "not" lose it's shape when animating?

Hello, I have a low poly character, and I used the Rigify add on to rig it. When I animate it (a common problem) like walking, the leg stretches too much, because I cannot do everything perfectly. is there any other way to do it, without losing its shape?

Maybe you should include a concrete example so we can see what you mean exactly?

Do you have a reference that you are using the walk animation for?

Like when I move the leg backwards, (as I’m not perfect) the leg over stretches killing the aspect ratio

Uh, no reference.

Ah, that can explain why the leg stretches during the walk cycle. What you need to do is to get an image of a walk cycle or record yourself doing a walk cycle for a couple of steps. That way you can see on how the legs move during the walk cycle. The leg does have some indication of stretch but not to the point where it can kick somebody like Street Fighter’s Dhalsim can. There are plenty of walk cycle examples online. All you have to do is to search for it.