How do i make a character's flying cloth without using "cloth" simulation?

maybe u don’t understand what i mean, but i also mean that cloth simulation in blender is maybe slow for me and can u explain this1 better?

this1 feature of blender does look great… watch this and tell me how to do it… coz i do not understand the video and the description…


You mean that when you play back the cloth it’s in slow-motion?

That’s easy to fix. Click the “shading” button. Then the “world buttons” button. In the Mist/Stars/Physics tab there’s a field that says FPS. That’s the FPS that the physics is figured out at. It’s default is 60, the default playback speed in blender is 25fps. So you the physics FPS to match your playback FPS for things to not look slow-motion.

no!! thats not what i mean… have u watch the video yet? please watch the video first, and this is it!! how do i do in the video did?

They used something like that in Elephant’s Dream. If you go here and open proof.tar.gz you’ll find a blender file with him and his rig in it. The textures are split off from Proog in the ‘textures’ folder, and are much much bigger–you don’t need the textures to see the model or rig working, though.

Basically, since the more complicated a cloth mesh gets, the more problems a simulator will have, what he’s done is create a very low-poly skirt without any detail–this is the one that actually gets simulated. Then you make a kind of skeleton to match the low-poly skirt. Extrude a whole bunch of tentacles out like you see in the video, and snap their heads and tails to the vertices in the low-poly mesh.

Ok, now make them ALL children of a root skirt bone.

Add a vertex group to the low-poly skirt. One vertex group for each vertex, again, and add only one vertex to each group.

Add copy location constraints to all the bones, and make each each bone copy the location of its vertex by using that vertex’s vertex group as a target.

Add IK constraints to all the bones and make them point to the next bone in the chain.

Make the high-poly skirt deformed by the new skirt skeleton which should, if you do this right, stick to the low poly skirt.

Something he did–but something you don’t have to–was make a lowpoly animated mesh for the low-poly skirt to collide to, so the low-poly skirt doesn’t have to worry about colliding with things like the polygon’s in the character’s face, unless the cloth is going over the character’s face, then u no.

Btw this’ll only work on really big basic shapes like skirts and capes and sheets of cloth. Shirts and coats won’t be doable, although you can just do the low-poly part on the flaps of the shirt or the tails of the coat, you know. That’s what they used for proog in elephant’s dream, they just did the lower bits of his coat that way.

soo long… hope for a video tutorial… if u made it, i thank you…

sorry, ur explain is same the the video… i don’t understand some of them…

if not… i hope u may give me a simple example u made yourself in blender 2.5 or 2.49!!