How do I make a colored material with a texture? Blend 2.36

I have been able to make a new material that is green but I want to add a stucci texture to it and can’t figure out how to do it. I tried using the knowledgebase on "How to create Materials, but when I click on the Materials link it doesn’t take me anywhere.

Any help would be appreciated.

John :-?

Easy, when you added the green material, you added it as an “Image”. Go back there again and click 'Add New" and then select Stucci.

Your Stucci will not be seen unless you go to Materials, under the “MapTo” tab click “Nor” (click it again and it reverses the surface)

Thanks Spin,

But the “Green” is not an image. I used the green slider on the RGB settings. I tried the “Map To” tab “Nor” button, but nothing happened.

Anybody? :expressionless:

Please? %|

hi, just go to the textures window ( the button that looks like animal spots ) and click on ’ add new ’ and if you want to add more, just click on those empty buttons and add more. materials and textures are complicated so don’t get frustrated.

Ignore what he said about it being an image. The material color can be green, you add a stucci texture, map it to Nor, turn Col off, and adjust the Nor value with the Nor slider below that.