How do I make a custom rig properties panel

Hi everyone.
I am building a rig and need to expose the IK/FK switches in a custom panel.
I also need to put the sliders for different drivers in user friendly custom panels.
I know how to add a “custom property” with drivers so they show up in the properties panel under “properties”. What I don’t know is how to make the custom panels and add my stuff to them.

I looked in BBB but if it’s in there, I don’t know how to find it.

I would sure appreciate any help, tutorials, examples, etc. to get me headed in the right direction.


If you’ve worked out the custom property portion of this, then you’re half way there (well, maybe). Take a look at the Joe rig in my signature, he has a nice custom UI for fk/ik sliders. Everything that makes it work is in a text file called (I think) within the .blend file. This text file should give you the basics you need.

You’ll not find this stuff in BBB, the ability to script custom UI like you’re after is only in 2.5/2.6x series (2.46/2.47 was used for BBB). You could also look to the Sintel lite version found on blendswap. I think you can also add a rigify human meta rig & generate it and it will generate a generic .py file for UI, but I’m not 100% on that.



This will get me started where i need to go and give a good idea of proper grouping of controls.


Blendswap – Sintel, Scales, and a model called “Brave” all have pretty advanced UI control scripts.