How do I make a flag blowing in the wind?

I would like to be able to model a flag and then have it look like it is blowing in the wind. Does anyone know how I would go about doing this?

Scroll down to “Soft Body Tutorial” for BF-Blender (BF-Blender then was 2.37 up)

Cog presents another method using textures …

Good example file and movie.

I remember doing one before where I added a grid (ADD > MESH > GRID)… In the new version you do this and then add a wave modifer and play with the settings. Though I do like the one on that cog films website. Awesome!

Incidently, I’ve just had a go at that tutorial and though I can get it to work my flag doesn’t keep still on one end… I download the sample file from cogfilms and that didn’t stay still either… perhaps there’s something up with stencils in the new version? Also, I can set keyframes for ofs but I can’t see them in the IPO window for materials???