How do I make a headlight texture?

I am making a car in blender and I can’t find a way to make a headlight texture. Please help

hello, you should show a picture, how is your headlight supposed to look like?

Yeah, thanks for reminding me about that. I wanted to make a headlight that looks like this or similar to this

To be honest, you’d be better off modelling the headlight, than trying to create them using a material or texture alone.

Headlights aren’t easily defined as a ‘texture’, they have multiple elements both structural and material.

The reflectors for example are chrome, whilst the glass is erm…glass. The headlight surround seems to look like brushed aluminum or something similar.

For the reflector itself, you could of course use a texture to drive microdisplacement to create the fine detail and facets, but this would probably be as difficult as modelling it unless you could find a pre-made height map texture.