how do i make a manga'anime charcter?

hey all,

i’m a beginner in blender and i’m trying to create my first manga/anime character.
i’m looking on how to create something cool like the characters in dragonballz, maybe naruto or any popular anime/manga.
i would like tutorials that explains basic while create the character to make my level of understanding easy…
i hope to get useful information to help me out
thank you.

this is one of the best manga face modeling tut.

Artist home

this is another tut hope this help


thanks this would be a great start, but it doesn’t have instructions on how on how to make it…i need something that explains how to make it as well

Head over to as they have lots of great tuts. They have some beginner tuts too, which it sounds like you need. Try walking before you run. :slight_smile:

yeah, i guess that does make sense to walk before i run…ok i’ll check it out