How do I make a model smooth.


This is an example of what I mean by making smooth:

See the last row ? How did he transform it from the last row to the first row ?

By the way the picture is taken from this thread
Thread name : wip :masai portait
Artist: Peng You

F9 - Set smooth

In the editing menu, use “set smooth” under Links and Materials or F9.

Uh, I believe he applied a subsurf modifier to his model (also in the F9 menu).

First you would set smooth the mesh ( W > Alt + 3 when all vertices of the mesh are selected).

Then you can apply a subsurf modifier to the mesh by selecting your object (in object mode) and pressing Ctrl + [1 to 4] (e.g. Ctrl + 1 for level 1 subsurf, Ctrl + 2 for level 2 subsurf etc).

Maybe author mean this:I download an example looks like this, there is subsurf enabled

Now i turn subsurf off and it loks like this:

On next picture I enable subsurf again:

Why it dont looks like on picture one ? Why arent lines smoothed like on the picture number one, where is the problem ? Thanks

Also set Optimal Draw


oh thanks much :smiley: