How do I... make a moon orbit a planet


I currently have created the following animation.

But i want to add a moon that orbits the planet.

How would i set the centre to be the planet itself?


page doesnt exist…


OK - you’re going to need empties.

An empty is an object with no mesh, just co-ordinates and a direction!

Go to a top view

Centre your cursor on the moon (Select moon, SHIFT-S, Cursor to selected) and add an empty.

Make the planet the parent of the empty

Make the empty the parent of the moon

rotate the moon and keyframe the rotation


That’s not true. There are ways to do this without empties.

  1. Put the moon’s object center at the center of the planet. Parent the moon to the planet. Give the moon Rot keys. It will put the moon in “tidal lock” (always facing the planet), but will look good from a distance.

  2. Parent the moon to a circle which is parented to the planet. Give the circle Rot keys. Give the moon Rot keys as you want to have it spin on its own axis.

This is exactly why I prefer Blender to the other 3D apps

This community completely rocks and not only are there many solutions to most problems, but someone here’s going to step up and say so!!

Thanks Toomai!