How do I make a more complex collision box?

So I am trying to make a shelf to put objects on but I’m stuck since the collision box for the shelf isn’t working right. Instead conforming to the shape of my object, it’s more in a triangle shape and I can’t figure out how to make it work right.

The milk carton just slides down the invisible collision box instead of sitting on the shelf. I have it set as both rigid bodies and convex hulls.

the shelf needs to be Static, with collision bounds disabled.

alternatively it’s good to get used to using many invisble primitives on a hidden layer for colliders

if all of the colliders are on a collision group that does not interact with their own, they don’t consider each other in collisions.

have your visible geometry be no collision,

Hello here.
In the shelf - Physics: - Static, Collision Bounds - Triangle mesh
In milk (in the lower layer) - Physics: - Rigid Body, Collision Bounds - Convex Hull
For all objects that have been changed, it is desirable to make a reset - ctrl+A - Scale


And so:
coll_test01.blend (465 KB)

Good luck in the creative work.

p.s. script - free extended help on BGE, as well as the scene itself.

Thanks for answering! I completely forgot to specify this which was my fault, but I need the shelf to be a rigid body. It has to be able to be knocked around by other objects as well as the milk. I know that I can set the shelf as a static and it will have the right collision bounds, but I can’t figure out how to give it the right collision bounds and have rigid body physics.

If you’re interested in learning more about how the BGE handles collisions and want to be able to make numerous and efficient complex collision shapes, I highly recommend watching


Thanks! I figured it out!

I figured it out, thanks everyone!

  • probably to this video it is worth adding that in BGE, there is a little problem with physics - there is still much to develop. Although it does not interfere with creating good enough games, we sometimes say in Ukraine - to bad dancer is hampered by … (oval shaped objects).

Alright, thanks :slight_smile: