How do I make a particle system permanent and a static part of a model? Is that what baking is?

(Splitting_Atoms) #1

Im trying to make a big grass field. I want to use this field in future archviz projects. So it’s like a template file.

At the moment, im making the grass field with a particle system that’s populating the plane. When Im happy with the result…i want to ‘lock in’ the grass and save it to the plane. So make it permanent and part of the model. Meaning it can’t be changed anymore, but also that the particle system doestn need to recreate it everytime want to use it in a project.

So basically, how do i change the particle system in to a permanent part of the model. Making it unchangable and just a model without a particle system applied…

(icyou520) #2

Just go to your modifiers tab and hit convert, it will make them all individual objects. Then turn off your particle system.

(Splitting_Atoms) #3

Well that was easy haha…thanks!