how do i make a race game car position

hi to all

i bin making a smal race game

and i have for now 2 car thats has a node to follow the track

but now i want to add the position i am racing
like if im 1e that i see that and if i am 2e than i see that on a property

but how do i set it up
i try a few things like a sensor of ray to the sides left or right of my car but that dindt work

how do i do this i need some help

i hope you all understand what i mean or else post a reply

You could have a rectangle parented off to the side of the car, and when that nears a similarly placed rectangle on the side of the opposing car, it can send a message to the position marker, thus changing it. This also adds another rectangle, also parented to the player, to side and a little forward of the player. When this new rectangle nears the opponent’s rectangle, it changes the position marker again… :slight_smile:
All that gives you something like this:


example3.blend (189 KB)