How do i make a realistic light?

Hello BA members, i am making a horror game, i am trying to make a realistic light effect from my lightbulb. Here is the picture of what it currently looks like, which is very bad. Please offer help on how i can fix this/make better light effects.

  1. Make the light ‘glow’ by giving it an emit value in the material
  2. Make the spotlight wider, and have a softer edge (in the spotlight settings, increase the conesize and the blend factor)

You can also make a cone with an alpha that emulates volume coming from the light. So it looks like this…

Here’s a quick example of the volume. You can make multiple of these on top of each other with different falloff effects.

VolumeLightFake.blend (724 KB)

I’ve never attached a Blend file before so I hope that works for you.