How do I make a see through bottle that will work in the game engine?

I know how to do it in “Blender Render” but I dont know how to make objects see through in the game engine. Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks - Ross :smiley:

What I do: I add a material to the object, set ZTransparency (I don’t know if this is available in Blender 2.5), and set texture mode to Multitexture. I haven’t really tried this in GLSL (card problems) and transparency doesn’t work in Textureface.

However, this may be different because I use 2.49b. I don’t what version you use, but this seems to work in 2.49.

Hope this helps.
(If I was vague about anything, please tell me.)

No, It doesn’t work in Blender 2.59b But thank you for trying :slight_smile:

Set ZTransp in the Materials menu like Raven said, and lower the alpha of the material. That should make it see-through, unless there’s an alpha-enabled texture on it (in which case, it might become a little more complex).