How do i make a spiral barbed wire?

I was watching this,, and wanted to know how to turn that into a spiral? like the barbed wire thats on fences around prisons. i tried screw modifier but didnt seem to work on me unless i did it wrong?

Get the model you want to twist to be on the Z axis , (only way to get it working, as the modifier we’ll use only twist on Z axis) like in this screenshot :

In Object Mode, click on top of the screen on “Add” then “Empty”

Move that Empty where you want to have the center of your twisting, by example there (not important yet as you’ll be able to move it later to see where it will give better result):

Then select your model and add a “Simple Deform” modifier

In the Simple Deform modifier settings, check the “Twist” button, then at the “Origin” on the drop down menu select the Empty you added and enable “Relative”.

Now increase or decrease the “Deform factor” and see how it twist the model.
You can move the Empty object in the 3D view to see if you can obtain a shape more satisfying to you.
With that example i obtain