How do I make a transformer in blender3d

I don’t know if this is the right place to ask this. and i’am sorry if its not. I want to try to make a transformer in blender3d but I cant seem to find any good tutorials out there I tried youtube and they have no decent tutorials. then I tried google and that gave me a bunch of useless links. can someone point me in the right direction or possibly make a tutorials on how to make one.

you could use an action figure for reference, and even take pictures of it from front, side, and top angles. then put them together and load them as a background image. basic modelling skills should be enough. extruding, loop cutting, scaling, joining, etc. once you have a reference, just add a plane, or cube, and start scaling and extruding. do some loop cuts to get more detail.

A transforming robot is very complex. You think you can do it?
here is a time lapse of a guy modeling a transformer. He basically broke a car model into pieces and then assembled them to look like a robot. He has more videos on his channel on modeling and rigging a transformer