How do i make a video game modification?

Watsup mortals!!?
Right, i am trying to create a modification for a game.

Popular game mods:
SA-MP,Team Fortress 2,Icenhancer or more recently: DayZ

That’s what i’m talking about.

How does one do this?
I use:
Blender 2.60
Unity 3D
Z Brush

Are those enough?/The required programmes?

Obviously the mod(s) i plan on working on are going to be free (like all) since the original game isn’t mine.But how DO you make a mod? From just adding a car to making a whole new kind of game to adding a network feature. Game Assets aren’t available in programme files or the game’s disc contents so i don’t suggest people simply use those assets, open em up with some tool and edit them then yaaay.A mod.

Please explain to me the steps/procedure to make a mod for any game in particular.
I plan on modding some games, old ones to be particular.I want to take them and polish them to fit modern day graphics.Because these games have great replay value.

Where do i start and how do i go about it?

If you are thinking of typing, do so.

It is very game specific as to how mods are made, and depends on the engine used, as well as which company actually made it. I recommend asking at the specific games websites.

I was actually hoping to find a generic method to about it or atleast how/where to start.But i understand what you are saying.


There isn’t a generic method, because each game engine does things differently. You need to find out what game engine was used to make the game, what format the assets are in, what tools are necessary to modify the assets, etc. That is why it is important to know the specific game or engine you want to mod, and then check that community to find out how to mod it and what tools other people are using.

Generic tips that I have:

Decide what game you want to mod.
Find out if there is a community of modders.
Find out what engine and tools the game makers used.
Find out what format the assets are in and what tools you will need to modify existing assets or create new assets.
(Often fancy new games use fancy expensive programs to make their stuff. Be prepared to need some expensive closed source tools.)

Now you are ready to start modifying that specific game (and probably other titles that use the same engine).

Thanks, that was specific.
Now i really know what to do
:slight_smile: :smiley: