How do I make a volumeteric lighted globe

I have been trying to figure out how to make a globe emit volumetric lights.
I thought that it would be a cool effect for a tv logo I want to do.

A rotating globe that has beams of light coming out of the continents.

So far I have tried four different approaches and I am wondering if there is another way.

  1. texture mapped a sphere with a earth spec map that I have… Worked fine for the alpha but didn’t allow shadow buffers for volumetric lights.

  2. I took Inkscape and bitmap traced the spec to get a decent path that I imported into blender. Then I was able to warp it to a tube. But couldn’t get it into a sphere.

  3. I tried to select the vertices’s with vertice paint or weight painting and then deleting them but it was too inaccurate.

  4. I tried the radio tool but I think that it isn’t for modeling with? I was hoping that it would delete the vertices’s where there was alpha.

Any other suggestions? Thanks

I can’t think of way around it other than to physically model the globe with the continents out of triangles and place a spotlight with halo turned on in the middle. (also remember to enable buf-shadow!)

did you tried tho selec the globe

and use Emit in shader and increase the energie ?

Hey is this image kind of what you want"?

Yeah thats what I am looking for… And I will try out the material emit. But I dont think that it will work with volumeteric lights.

Emit does not shoot out rays of light

but the whole sphere becomes bright , try it easy to do

Now for rays of light you need holes
or may be transparent materiel to let light out as rays !