How do i make a wall?

How do i make a wall or floor or both?

model it, or both

Also, RTFM (read the fantastic manual)


Model it??

yes, taking little vertice, putting them together to make faces, put those faces together to make something bigger.


or take one face and extrude

you’d get walls too

(my this is a simple question)

hold on… face? i started last night so i have almost no clue what i am doing

Go back to the other thread you posted, in my last reply, there’s a nice tutorial for newbies there.

If you don’t make any effort in trying to learn, I really doubt anyone will be willing to spoon feed you all the way.


The ‘Building a Castle’ is a good beginning tutorial, it can be done in a very short time [no heavy reading] and it will answer many of your questions… and help you to come up with more :o

Your ignorance is too convenient…

If I’m wrong, I just made fool of myself… Anyway it doesn’t matter, I’m an evil man and people like me don’t care about their reputation…

But in case I find 7.5 zorro’s in change in your pocket, I’ll be very pissed with you…

Pick a face… :< :expressionless:

ok, i will try that thanks


I happened to put on line this yesterday

Since it really looks like you are a very beginner (grade 1 in the 0 to 255
@ndy/blendermax scale) I think it might benefit both you
and me.

You because you might learn something,

Me because I’ll see if I’ve been clear enought.

Read also


and give me feedback