How do I make a water splash animation?

I am doing an animation of a sea monster coming up from an ocean.

It needs to interact with the water, meaning the water must fall off the sea monster, when it gets above the water surface.

Like this:

I have been unable to find a tutorial on how to make something like this, I would really appreciate some help!

Curiously enough the youtube example you showed had these two tutorials in the side line:

Looks like the 2 of those combined should get you a long way…

Thanks. I will take a look.

How do I do this with parented or armatured mesh?
It doesn’t work. I can do this with mesh without armature, but this sea monster is of course rigged and animated. It needs to interact with the water through its animation.

How do I do this?

The mentioned videos does not tell anything about this problem.

I’ve done a bit of google-fu and it seems your problem is not unique: Blender’s fluid simulation has a hard time working with animated meshes. But it seems turning on “Export Animated Mesh” in the fluid obstacle settings could work.

Thanks. But I like control of my animation, so I can tweak and adjust it later. As for the water simulation and armatures, it is easier to just make a dummy object and move it roughly where the parts of the armatured object would move in the water. Just place it on another layer when rendering, it won’t be visible, only the impacts are visible and that’s what I want.

I made this effect using a dummy object. Will eventually try to render an animation later: