How do i make all uv layers to appear on my UV editing window?

as you can see here

i have all 3 meshes selected at once
i’m inexperienced in blender, but i know i have to do what i’m doing on blender 2.78.
my friend showed me that, when u select all meshes at once, it should also show all the uv maps (like it isn’t showing rn)
he showed me on his advanced version of blender, and it is true @_@
how do i do it on ver 2.78? D: we’ve been trying to find out for HOURS now and can’t ;=;

OK…I am going to assume that you have to use 2.78 for a particular reason ( old computer etc) …
So the next question is, why do you need to see all UV’s at once?
Is this going to be animated?
Can you JOIN the objects? That will get you one object with 3 materials and 1 UV for each, displayed one at a time… ( I’m guessing there are 3 objects in your scene)…

Actually newer versions are optimized and most likely work faster. Unless it’s about the new UI, there’s no reason to use an older version. The hours spent trying to make new things work on an older version can be used to get acquainted with the new UI.

I agree, but @shyclaws said it must be done on 2.78 so there must be some reason.