How do I make all verts in a bent quad coplanar

I’m really new to blender. I’ve searched around for a couple days now and haven’t found anything useful other than don’t screw it up to begin with or you need to make all your vertices coplanar.

I’d prefer a way to snap a chosen vertex into the plane created by the other 3 along the plane’s normal through the vertex.

When I render the diagonal lines through what “should” be flat faces are really ugly. I know it’s my fault for moving the vertices, but I just wanna know how to fix it.


Typical method to make vertices coplanar is to scale them to zero; select those vertices and scale, [S], input axis, then inter zero.

You many want to “smooth” it as well; the smooth function smooth out the render, and not geometry. You can find the button in Tool Shelf while in Object mode.

You may also want to check out the “Flatten” of Crouch’s LoopTools. It’s sometimes a little funky, but doesn’t restrain you to an axis.

Thanks guys.

I tried the scale but I think I’m doing it wrong. Is there a way to scale along an arbitrary axis? Like select 2 vertices to define the axis and then go by that. Or maybe select 3 to form a plane and scale along the normal?

I watched the demo video for the LoopTools and I’ll try that next.

The smooth render might help for other stuff but I’m importing this model into XNA so I need the mesh to look ok too.

EDIT: I’m using 2.57.1btw