How do I make an Array with 4 rectangular objects at 90 degree angles?

How do I make an Array with 4 rectangular objects at 90 degree angles centered on one end of the first one?

In other words, I have a rectangular object, but I want to use an array to create 3 more of them and have them all joined at the center so that from above, they look like a ‘plus’ sign. +

I am trying to do the project in ‘Blender Foundations The Essential Guide to Learning Blender 2.6’ and I am have trouble following the part in Chap 4 that introduces arrays for the building of the table legs.

I know I can Shift D to make duplicates and R 90 Enter to rotate them each, but I want to learn the array method that the book is explaining.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give!

maybe this will help

Khmmm… “Creator has not given permission…” @ldh1109: vimeo don’t work :frowning:

Anyhow, go edit mode, select all and move on one axis some units left or right (align with one end), then apply mirror modifier. Back into object mode, Shift-D duplicate and rotate 90 deg, usually on z axis…

thats weird

Thank you, ldh1109, that video helped a lot.

But now I am trying to use ALT RMB in Face Mode to select a circle I just made in a round tabletop. Instead of selecting the circle around the table, though, it selects the faces from the edge of the table to the center (so that I’m selecting a slice-of-pie-shaped piece of the table rather than the circle around the center).

I made the circle, btw with Loop Cut (x2). The circle is actually made of two concentric circles.

By the way, I had just successfully done the same thing moments before with a circle more towards the center of the table. But now, doing (as far as I can tell) the exact same thing, it’s not working!

I just manually selected each face around the circle, so I got it done, I guess I’m just hoping to figure out what I did wrong.

You need to position cursor towards direction of face flow you want to select. Cursor position relative to face center does matter.