How do I make an enemy die?

I am rather new to blender especially the game engine. I am making a videogame with shooting and zombies and everything. I made the Zombies with the Motion and track-to technique to walk towards the player and when the player shoots, the zombie-parent -box uses a near-sensor to sensor the bullets property (because collision doesn’t work for some reason). I want that when I shoot the zombie, the box’ motion and tracking stops permanently, a dying action is played and then the zombie, amarture and parentbox vanishes. How do I do that?

When the zombies health reaches 0, or he gets hit by a bullet, have the state switch to state 2 (using the state actuator) - this will stop the motion and track to, then on state 2, you can have an always - and - action and you can use the delay sensor for Edit Object - end object. If you need more information just ask. :slight_smile:

It works. Thank you very much for the quick answer.

Start with a cube, then put one round indentation on one side, two on another side, then three, etc. up to six. Then give it a mustache…

Sorry; couldn’t resist. :slight_smile: