How do I make an exe from my game

I just install blender 2.57 and under the file i just cant find anything close to making an exe file. Help!:eyebrowlift:

Install the latest version of blender which is 2.58a
In the User Preferences / Addons panel you’ll need to enable the save as runtime addon.

thanks rich…
I downloaded python 3.2.1 installed it and change the environment variables on my machine, then install blender 2.58a, work like a charm. But when I run the file in explorer I get a runtime error. What did i do wrong?

What error did you get?

I know the answer - put your EXE file inside your blender folder(the location where you installed it), and run it from there(it doesn’t work because the EXE does not contain all the files it needs to run - but blender’s root directory(where its libraries and executable is) contains all you need)). Good luck!

thanks christiani worked perfect