How do I make an object change the value of its property on receipt of a message

I have a hud and want to make a targeting system.

I have a cube that when clicked on sends a message with subject “targetme” sending property “name” with a value of “cube”.
I have a plane on my hud overlay with the property “Text” which displays on my hud whatever string value it gets. This plane has a “targetme” message sensor. How do I get this sensor to change the value of “Text” to the value of “name” received in the message?

I read somewhere Ill need python, if thats true can someone point me in a direction to python message and property sensor/actuator info?

I currently have a primitive system setup already but its bulky and a pain in the butt.
Plane has different message sensors with subjects for say “target1” “target2” and “target3”.

Three items each sending own message actuator “target1” or “target2” or “target3”; each with own property “name”.

When the plane sensors get there respective subject they then use a property actuator to copy the value of “name” to “Text”.

So cube gets clicked and sends message “target1”; when plane gets “target1” it copy’s the value of cube’s “name” to its “Text” property,
this works fine but problem is I have to make a new message sensor on HUD for each item. How do I make my HUD read in the a property that was sent with message? HUD has sensor for subject targetme, then takes in body of message either text or “name” property and assign that value to its “Text” property.

Is it possible to make a global property that each item clicked changes the value to its name and sends a message subject “targetme” and when my HUD receives target me it assigns the value of the global prop to the value of its “Text” property?

Thanks in advance.

This is my HUD logic bricks.
[ATTACH=CONFIG]139914[/ATTACH]This is a target-able objects’ logic bricks

Thank you so much it works perfect. This makes targeting so easy now. Thanks again.