How do I make an object explode when it hits another object??

Hey Guys

How do I make something EXPLODE when it hits something - im trying to make a kind of “Will it Blend”:yes: Game…:confused:

Please say what I have to change so I can put my own names for the objects

Hope you help!!

Josh Robertson :stuck_out_tongue:

you can have an explosion animation (im not sure how) and have it activated with a collision sensor. What you can do it make the object create lots of splinter objects, with an alpha-particle effect that starts when it hits an object.

I’m ignorant about what a ‘will it blend’ game means, but one way you can ‘explode’ something is to replace it will something that is exploding. In your actuator, end one object and replace it with another that’s sitting on a different layer. Maybe have it a combination of collision objects all bound together. When the game engine gets a hold of it, they’ll part quite nicely, I think.

My 2 cents: You will want to replace the original mesh with another one or group of some. If it was all separate though it could be physics intensive. If you wanted lower system requirements it could be one mesh with an IPO.

You can also use shape keys, just make sure the faces arn’t stuck together seperate them ( you can use V to rip) and then shut put the vertices somewhere else that’s not on the object. Unless your doing a sphere 0.o, that’ll suck lol. Ok hope this idea work m8!