How do I make an object not support lighting in the BGE

How is this done?.

hello gonna talk.

TBH i dont realy understand the question, and other people as well looking from the amount of answers. Do you mean is it possible to disable shading on an object? just press shadeless on the materials tab for that.

Oh well thankyou.srry for asking such a dumb question probably could have figured that one out.:spin:

Yeh you probubly could have worked it out pretty easily. Ive seen you ask a few pretty simple questions lately Arbiter, perhaps you should focus on doing a few BGE tutorials to increase your knowledge and learn the basics.

Heres some sites I recommend:

Noob to Pro (basic Blender related stuff, not all GE)
Tutorialsforblender - Huge amount of GE related stuff
Blendenzos site - Good tutorials (including Socials Intro to Python)
BSoD GE Intro
GE Wiki

That should help :cool: