How do I make an object shiny or slightly reflective

Can this be done in the GE? I mean like Shiny Gun or Car metal.

change the spec and hard values.

its near the bottom of the page.

I’ve seen those sunjay they don’t work

yes they do cuz I use them all the time…

Does your graphics card support GLSL?

Ya I only use GLSL(except for when I’m on my netbook) but otherwise I use glsl

Then they should work.

3secShinyShader.blend (266 KB)
hope this is what you looking for, if it is go over all the settings under materials and textures

Your graphical card is pobably to low to handle glsl? I have the same problem

I have nvidia geoforce 9400 gt.

it worked in that blend that adobe man posted.

Then the problem is something you’re doing. Go back over all the instructions, and figure out which one you skipped. Alternately, look at the file, compare it to yours, and see what’s different.

This is my attempt at it please tell me whats wrong with the file. It isn’t working right. Well not like I want it to in the picture on the tut site it looks different.


shiny.blend1.blend (257 KB)

You didn’t load an image into the texture- so you set nothing to reflect, of course it’s going to look like nothing. Get a simple black and white image (random blobs will work, or some simple scenery) load it into the blend, and then select it in the pulldown in teh texture panel.

hi arbiter410,

There are 2 pages to the tutorial. You’ve done the first page. Now do the 2nd page.

Link to 2nd page of glsl Shiny tutorial



shiny_blend_finished.blend (273 KB)

Of course there is no image loaded on YOUR computer Captain Oblivion, the path he would have had specified probably doesn’t exist on your machine. I loaded an image of my own and found your problem, you need to have the ‘Col’ button selected in the MapTo panel. You had some other random things selected in MapTo, why? Also, why is the first texture slot empty?

hi Renderer10,

The first texture slot is empty because arbiter410 was using the tutorial from my site. Obviously, it doesn’t have to be empty. You can put a texture there if you want.

I left it empty to show that you can use the material colors as the base color. Think paint on a car. Which is what most people want to make look shiny.


Render10- even if the image wasn’t packed (IE it was on his computer, but he didn’t include it with the blend) it still is referenced in files (IE if the file was saved while an unpacked image was loaded, and then opened on a computer that doesn’t have the file, the blend says the file was missing) whereas in this file there was no image reference loaded at all- so either the file association was completely removed manually before saving (the pulldown in the texture window has to have been changed to a different image) or there never was an image loaded in the first place.

That does make sense, but overall this seems too complicated. If I were making a car, I would just load a texture of the environment, set it to the car’s reflection coordinates, and adjust the ‘Col’ slider in MapTo to adjust how “transparent” the reflection is.

Honestly, I don’t think Blender provides a good way to show reflections on cars in real-time, because the reflections are just based off of the angle you’re viewing the object. This works great for stationary objects, but with a moving object like a car, technically you would see moving reflections on the car regardless of whether the camera angle was changing, and Blender cannot do that.

@Captain Oblivion - You are correct, I apologize:o!

hi Renderer10,

You’re missing the point. The setup is make things look shiny, not create real time reflections. Give the paint some highlights so it doesn’t look flat and dull like primer.

If I were making a car, I would just load a texture of the environment, set it to the car’s reflection coordinates, and adjust the ‘Col’ slider in MapTo to adjust how “transparent” the reflection is.
That’s what I do. The difference is that I use a small sky image with good contrast while you use a texture of environment.

And to be honest, I didn’t think that was possible. I’d love to see an example blend with your setup. How does one make a texture of the whole enviroment?